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  • Working with stone companies

    This company out of the UK offers some sort of package to help lcos get into the industry and help sell their stone products. Have you seen any similar companies offering such support services in North America?

    Have you ever considered getting involved with them?

    Franchising package promises regal returns - Bowland Stone, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of landscaping products, is offering anyone interested in setting up a garden and landscaping business in 2007 a start-up package guaranteed to give a return on their investment.

    Bowland Stone, which has a worldwide reputation, established the industry’s first franchising business three years ago and has now launched a complete support package, aimed at helping established garden centre businesses diversify into landscaping and entrepreneurs get started.

    Bowland Stone’s King Acre franchise system has been tailor-made for the garden centre/DIY market. Franchisees are highly motivated, dedicated landscaping specialists who, with the backing and support of Bowland Stone’s unique system, are able to maximise sales as well as enhance the host centre's business.

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    Balcon does similar here:
    They set you up with 200 square feet of pavers or 600 feet of wall block and only charge 85 cents per square foot of additional needs for however you wish to set up.
    Thats to hook you in and set up the display. They train contractors who wish to take the course for free so that everyone can make a profit.
    I visit a couple training programs each year to keep up with the new products and drink a few cold ones with old friends and competitors!
    Maybe I misunderstand the question though?


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