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Timber log retaining walls

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  • Timber log retaining walls

    I thought this looked really nice. This is from an Australian company. Any thoughts as to why we don't see too much in the way of timber log retaining walls here?
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    Not sure Team Gopher but that is a beautiful wall!


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      Not sure Team Gopher but that is a beautiful wall!
      My thoughts exactly! it may be too expensive however im sure it has found its way into some more elaborate income properties

      Im liking that a lot and might actually try to do something like this one day.
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        You would have a few issues where I live, number one being rock, then you need a hydraulic pounder to get these into the ground, the wall in the image is nice but there is no cribbing, it would never stay in pace for more than a year, our weather is such that Cedar would be about the only wood around that would last and getting cedar big enough in today's market is next to impossible, Wolmanized is an option but it wouldn't look good, then there is care and upkeep, people in my travels want maintenance free.
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          Longevity - rock or brick will last much longer

          Those logs would not be cheap as it looks like they were turned to make them uniform.

          Maintenance, as Andy stated, would be a big thing. That will will have to be repeatedly stained and sealed. Only thing is you can not do the back side. Constant contact with the ground would be the downfall.

          I do have to agree that this is one beautiful wall.

          WOW I just looked at their site and it seems that these are treated pine. Soft wood for this kind of work.

          I have seen homeowners do walls up to 10' with landscape timbers and within 5 years they have to be replaced.


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            Cribbing such as what?

            I would tie it back to a footer, should be solid then.

            And yea treating it every 3-5 years would bring some more income!

            The back side i would say use a barrier wrap of some sort, wont be permanent but it will help for a little while, basically the same as construsting a seawall,

            i know ive seen treated pine seawalls last 10-15 years! Salt water on one side, and again a barrier like silt screen on the inside should help a little.
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