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Should i take on this tree job?

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    Unless you meant 10' trees...wait, no insurance? Think about it...if (or when) something happens you lose everything. Call your local insurance company and get insured. 1 mil general liability will run you less than you think.


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      Tree in the picture is a Cottonwood tree they are a very soft wood = no good for fire wood.
      Can anything else be done with such wood? Can it be made into furniture or lumber?
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        I got a call about 'trimming a few limbs'. when I got there I found 5 libs about 18 inches across at the trunk, reaching 40 to 60 feet out over sheds, a house, and a garage. all about 50 feet off the ground. I told the guy he needed a tree company! 'I called one they want 2000 for this'. I said yep that is because they have insurance on 5 guys, two truck, a chipper, as well as enough to pay for rebuilding the house shed and garage of they screw up.
        Will not do any tree work more that 15 off the ground, or if the falling limbs would or could cause any damage to anything (except the ground).


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          I can understand why you would want to pass on such jobs.

          Some people like working up in trees and aren't as concerned with the dangers involved with it as others are. While others don't like heights at all. There is plenty of work out there for both.

          That would have been interesting to see pics of that job!
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            get insured and do the job, look up how to do it. watch instructional videos, , bid accordingly, the one job will pay for your insurance for the year and more. i know last year was my first year doing alot of things, and i didnt make any profits on the job but the job paid for my chainsaw and my hedge trimmer so i thought it was a win
            IMHO, this is a great answer. No, never take on a job that could possibly cause injury to yourself or worse, your customer's property without insurance. PLEASE learn how to do it. I think the best advice is bid it out for a finders fee. Start small with trees and learn all you can. Then you can get the big jobs. After you're properly insured to do so.


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              Most definitely.

              I/my team have always cut/chopped up and removed the waste even when all I had was a 4' x 8' trailer.

              I am always thinking liability = either the customer pays the faller I use directly which means I am not responsible for his liability insurance or I pay him I prefer not being liable.

              I make very good money on waste removal I now have a 7' x 14' with 4' high sides 14,000 lbs dump trailer it takes huge loads the best is I do not have to pay for green waste dumping I made a deal to do the tree/hedge work where I get rid of the waste and my largest complex covers these 3 - 4 days a year.

              Mmmmmm duuuuump trailer. One day.


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                I would say if you price it at $ 125.00 a tree you got the job,
                Then just go buy 200' of that tractor supply 1/2" rope.
                A lead weight and a spool of 50/50 line and a little chainsaw before leaving.

                Take the lead weight ,throw it over the highest limb ya can then feed the rope over the limb, then have a friend use a truck to pull ya up to the limb, forget safety gear, it might cause you to lose your balance.
                Now tie the rope around the main trunk with a limb to prevent it slipping down.
                Now rappel to the ground, may want gloves for this, it can get hot on your hands.
                Just pull with the truck untill you see it bow, now notch it and it will fall exactly where you want it, trust me !! Hope you atleaset have auto insurance, if you do I doubt you will ever need that ole general liability insurance.
                Best of luck.... Also please record the first tree drop
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