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Is Palm Healthy?

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  • Is Palm Healthy?

    Is this palm healthy? If not what happened or what does it need?

    It may have had too much water. I read that the ground should dry between watering.

    Are the dead fronds just the old ones dying off as normal or is this something else?

    - 5' to 6' tall at top of fronds.
    - Mexican Fan Palm.
    - Planted about 3 to 4 weeks ago.
    - It was all green leaved then.
    - Southern New Mexico desert climate. When planted: high 80's temp in day, 65 at night. Now: 80's day around 60 night.
    - Plenty of bright sun.
    - Drought but customer has watered.
    - Trunk seems solid and healthy.
    - Vertical column of newer fronds seems healthy.
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    Just cut the dead fronds off, that is normal. They are pretty drought tolerant and don't need much watering once established. It's probably just stressed from being recently planted. Don't over water and cover this winter if you should have a hard freeze. I would be surprised if it doesn't make a full recovery.
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