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Help Figuring Yardage For Gravel

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  • Help Figuring Yardage For Gravel

    I have about 6 areas that I've measured only in Feet and Inches. I need to find out how much yards of gravel I need in order to get the spaces filled in properly.

    3 of the areas contain circles.

    Now here is what I've done for the squared areas. I added the length and width and divided by three feet or one yard.

    For the Circle Area I divided the Width by 2 in order to determine what the radius was. Then I squared the radius by multiplying the radius by itself one time. Then I multiply by 3.14 which is PI. Then I divide by three feet or one yard. It' giving me a number of yardage that might be the right amount, but I'm not 100% sure.

    I started out below with the first two, but not sure if this is correct

    Front Side Yard 31'L X 31'W=20.6 Yards

    Left part of Wall Where Trailer is Front 27'L X 18'9''W= 15.3 Yards

    Trailer Area 24'L X 12'W=

    Tennis Area to Front not including Trailer Area 65'L X 53'W=

    Whole Area Tennis To Front 65'L X 65'W=

    Back by Sliding Glass Door 12'6''L X 3'4''W=

    First Circle 16'9''L X 10'1''W=

    Second Circle 16'5''L X 12'11''W=

    Third Circle 11'3''L X 12'W=

    Here is the Design I made in Paint also

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    In order to properly figure, you need to know the depth also.

    Just for an example 1 cubic yard of material will fill an area 10 feet by 10 feet or 100 square feet 3 inches deep.


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      what kind of gravel and what size are you useing?


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        I was able to self teach myself earlier on this subject. Length X Width X Depth / 27 for approximate Yardage.
        I even made an educational post for my viewers to see on my blog every time I advertise my services. Click here for immediate navigation to the statistics!
        It takes at least two steps to be 3 steps ahead!


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          Try experimenting with the mulch calculator here. You can use it to calculate the amount of mulch of potentially gravel you would need for different shapes and then combine them all together to get a total.
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