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Replanting a Ficus Tree

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  • Replanting a Ficus Tree

    I removed a Ficus tree from a clients house a week ago. It was a nice small tree in good shape and they just wanted it gone. I wanted one for my backyard so I dug deep and wide to make sure that I got all the roots that I could with it. I brought it back to my house and planted it in the back yard. It was okay for the first few days but now it seems to be dying.

    The leafs are all curled and yellow and falling off. I have been watering it but maybe I am watering it to much. I also noticed that the roots of the other ficus in my backyard grow very close to the surface. So I am wondering if I planted the new one to deep. Should I try to replant it again a little closer to the surface? Should I try less water? I would really like to have the tree grow to complete my backyard but am at a loss as what to do.

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    I did a little research and found this "If leaves turn yellow just prior to dropping off, it is a sign of over-watering."

    So maybe right now you should cut back on the watering.
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