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    Hey guys its TMack Industries does any one do hardscaping. What brand do you prefer for pavers and retaining walls. Also what tools do you need for hardcaping?

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    I would think much of what you bought would be based on what materials are available locally and what your customers need.

    As far as tools go, that would depend on the job. There are many tools you can get but some you might want to rent when needed instead of purchasing.
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      Try this

      I think I can help on this one:

      I just got done doing a retaining wall today. The brand and type of materials depends on what the customers want and their budgets. When I do hardscapes like patios or retaining walls, I show them the different types of materials. I get booklets from the local suppliers as to what they have, then I put the price that I charge on the booklets so people will know. then I let them choose.

      But a popular type of retaining wall block is the windsor block. It's like 4'' thick by 12" wide and I believe 7" deep. For the bigger block there is the diamond retaining wall block. It's like 6" thick by 18" wide by 12'' deep I believe.

      For patios, the holland paver is popular. it's the one that looks like a basic brick.

      tools you will need are basically:

      - hand tamper
      - shovels
      - hammer
      - mallot
      - chissel
      - saw (with concrete blade)
      - levels
      - string line
      - caulking gun
      - tape measures
      - pencils
      - wheelbarrows
      - safety glasses and gloves

      You can rent a vibrating compactor.

      good luck


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        Hey guys its TMack Industries does any one do hardscaping. What brand do you prefer for pavers and retaining walls. Also what tools do you need for hardcaping?
        We use Shaw Brick as they are a massive local company and a former banking client so I know the owners well.

        We use a mini excavator with a landscaping bucket, compactor, 6 foot level, plumb line and landscape fabric, we have a cop saw to cut prick, mini grinder and several chisels. We use an edger to cut along the area where the walkway will go.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          Techo bloc

          Does Techo bloc and Cambridge paving stones make good pavers and retaining walls? Also do you guys recommend a track or wheel skid steers. Also what brand and size do you prefer for an excavator and skid steer.


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            Pavers and Retaining Wall Supplies differ per region.

            Check out some of the larger companies websites

            Pavestone - Makes pavers and Retaining Wall Block (Popular Designs)
            Allan BLock- Retaining Wall Block
            Belgard- Pavers and Retaining Wall Block (Little more Costly very high Quality)

            Generally by visiting the websites you can find out whats available in your region and what local suppliers carry thier products and the conctact information. The catalog/brochures that JP Landscaping use are available for download on the sites so you can email them to your clients.

            You can check out (Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute)
            I am ICPI Certified and its a great selling tool.

            As far as equipment goes - rent it until it is cheaper to purchase or even lease. I am always watching my costs on equipment. I like New Holland skid steer loaders.They seem to never die. But if you are hitting the turf you need a trac loader. Wont tear up the grass as much. Just a thought. Dingo makes a really useful setup. They have a trailer kit that includes the machine, and all the attachments you could ever use - all in one package.


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