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Toyota Engineers Flowers to Offset Production Pollution

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  • Toyota Engineers Flowers to Offset Production Pollution

    I just found this interesting story....

    Toyota Engineers Flowers to Offset Production Pollution

    Tell me what you think...

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    Toyota and Quality

    As part of my duties with the DOD, I was a Certified Quality Engineer. I went to Japan to the Toyota plant for R&D (rob and duplicate).

    Toyota's definition of quality is:
    The continual improvement of the Product
    The process that produces that product
    The productivity of the people in that process, and
    The communications between all (customers, management, labor and government).

    America's definition of quality is
    Conformance to specifications. Period.

    I expected something like this from Toyota. Continuopus improvement!

    We, American's, don't embrace this. Continuous improvement means continuous change, and we don't like - even fight - change.



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      Very true. We are happy just floating along. If anyone dares do more, they are ridiculed. They are considered over achievers and greedy. Of course some may be greedy, but making something better does not make you greedy or and overachiever.


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        That is very fascinating.

        The difference between Japanese auto plants and U.S. auto plants seems to be very different.

        Ultimately, if we want to compete with them, we need to move forwards and find a way to be the best. I know we can if we want to but it seems like many people took their eye off the ball. Both those making the cars and those designing the cars.

        At a certain point it became more important to preserve their union benefits or management packages than it did to be creative which led to the mess we have today.

        I hope we can all more forwards and learn from it.
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