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Help with sod estimate.

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  • Help with sod estimate.

    Hello, this is my first sod romoval and install job. So I am not quite sure how to bid this one. I know that we will have to remove patches of dead sod and replace. The homeowner estimates 3 pallets of sod to be replaced. I really need to get this one. Could anyone give me help on how to bid it.
    Thank you.
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    First and formost you need to know what cause the need for replacement of the sod?
    1. Putting down where there was none
    2. Lack of proper irragation
    3. Bug insect or fungas problem
    4. No current fertilization program in place

    After you have decided what is the problem then you can go from there.

    In pricing this job out you first need to know the correct amount of sod that you will need. I understand that the client told you three pallets but are you sure that it's enough or too little. You need to measure the square footage to ensure tthat you know what you need.
    When pricing a couple of things come into play.
    1. Is it being delivered or are you picking it up
    2. Are you doing it alone or do you have helpers
    3. The cost of the sod and what is your markup
    I asked these question so that you are well informed.
    For me my markup is 20% on the sod if delivered I add the cost into to sod I don't put on my work order a delivery charge. As for the labor I make a certain amount of money per hour and pay my staff 10 per hour. Example my rate is $30 per hour and two workers @ 10.added together is $50 per hour x amount of hours to do the completed job. If there is a factor for fuel the I add it into to sod cost.
    I hope that this helped you out . If you need some more answers just ask .


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      I did a job for an elderly friend of mine who couldn't do the work himself. They live in a Mobile home park. I told him I had a tiller and we can dig out the old and lay out the new sod.
      I charged him 40.00 for the use of the Tiller and 10.00 an hour for my son and I. It was a small yard and used 1 pallet of sod. The job took 3 hrs. We were paid 100.00.
      My son and I have another job next week. I think he has a new career.


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        WOW I bet you all could have charged a lot more too! Did you find it to be a good learning experience? Did anything stand out from doing that job? Would you do anything differently if you were to do another one?
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          I should have charged more. My back is killing me. (I should have stretched or worn a belt thingy.) But the customer was a friend. And it was the first time we ever did anything like this. I think we did a great job. And the customer was satisfied.
          I live in South Texas and this is a Winter Texan Park. "Snowbirds" like to come down here because the weather is great! and it the cost of living is low.
          I know I could have charged more and the be sure the next job will reflect that decision. I forgot some tools: rake, shovel, wheel barrel. But the Park manager let me borrow them. That was embarrassing.
          If I was to do another one? Yes the tiller did most of the work. For me the hard part was carrying the sod. I am 40something years old and not very fit. It would have been nice to have one more pair of hands.
          Oh yeah. Don't forget to take care of your back.


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            How much do you feel that job should have been worth if you could have bid it all over again?

            Would you have gone for a per hour bid or would you have gone with just one total price? Which would have been better?
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