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Bidding a 16 acre job

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    Depending how I get along with the people in charge, it will probably go up next year. If I have a good relationship with a client then it usually stays the same for years, but if things do not work out smooth,then I would go up or not bid again.

    If I had it all to do over again I would have bid higher.One thing I would like to see is the percentage payout on labor from other people .I will start another post for this.


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      After you performed the free mowing, were you shocked at all about the times needed to do the job? Or did it seem within a reasonable range?

      I guess the more higher end the property, the more time that will have to be spent to keep it looking high end. There are probably many little things on such properties that can catch one off guard when bidding.

      How did this ultimately effect the bid for you? Will it change the way you bid jobs in the future at all? What do you think you learned from this bidding process?
      I was close, you see I had two issues a brand new machine that no one around here has, this X749 is Deere's highest end garden tractor, four wheel drive, all wheel steer, it will go around a telephone pole mowing without tearing up the lawn, I had to go with a 48" deck, there are a lot of exposed granite rocks and other things, in my mind for these properties I thought 4.5 hours, the guys came in at 6.5, however this was a first time so in my proposal I went with 5.75 hours as my time with three operators, I will however use four ongoing, two mowers and two trimmers/blowers so that everyone finishes at about the same time.

      It wasn't so much being a higher end property it was the size and things the guys had to drive around, the trimming, every property within this gated area is different, one has amazing turf however he has a green thumb and did things the lawn care provider should have, and man the shrubs this fellow has......time...

      I simply don't like surprises nor does a client, so to me it was a great learning experience and a small price to pay for a three year deal.
      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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        Do you think by going through this, you have improved on your abilities to eye-ball such jobs now when creating a bid or do you feel it is still safer in the long run to do a free run through for the first time?
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