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Am I screwing myself?

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  • Am I screwing myself?

    So I pitched a bid to a customer and I am just curious if I over bid or if I am screwing myself.....

    Heres the specs on the property....

    Lawn is 8100 sqft up front, with a ton of leaves up front, at the fence line they have a pile about 30ft x 15 and 2-2.5 ft deep. And lightly covered over the rest of the lawn.

    9048 sqft of lawn in the fenced in backyard. with leaves piled along the borders of the fence about 1ft deep and 2 feet wide.

    400 ft of total edging

    112 ft of gutters with 50 of which on the second story.

    Flower bed up front 690sqft that she wants the pinestraw and other misc leaves cleared out of and new pine straw laid in. Pine straw retails at 3.75 a bale and a bale will cover 33sqft

    What would you bid this job at?

    and 1680 sqft of pressure washing.

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    2 of us doing this job....

    Btw as far as equipment.

    Snapper Mower 33" Deck (with bagger)
    2 Stihl BR420 Back Pack Blowers
    2 Echo PE-2601 Edgers
    2 Echo SRM-210 Trimmers
    1 Troy Bilt 22" 6HP String Trimmer
    Honda 22" Self Propelled Bagger Touch up Mower
    Preasure Washer
    Misc hand tools, shovels, rakes and such


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      Wow, that would be pretty hard to bid without seeing. Are the leaves the result of a year or 2 of letting them pile up? Or are they all loose and easy to pick up. How big is your trailer and how far away are going to have to haul them? Is this a one time service, or a regular service?
      It would be great to see some pictures.
      Northern California


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        It is a one time service.... I will try and get a few pics up here in a few partner has the camera and its charging at his place.


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          You can find pictures here......


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            I dont know about the power washing, but I do jobs similar to this all the time for property management companies when a tenant moves out and they want a quick turn around. I would do it for about $350-$450. And it would usually be taken out of the tenants deposit.
            Northern California


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