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  • How much too Charge???

    I have a job that takes roughly 3.5 hours to do as I estimated. However this is based on one person. If I have two people out there I can do the job in half the time. Based on Two mowers. Do I bid the job based on my hourly rate for 3.5 or for half the time. When you bid a job do you base it on how long it will take 1 person to do it and bill it using your hourly rate of $50.00 or do you base it on two people at the same hourly rate $50.00. Its either 175.00 for the job or 87.50. Thanks I am confused.

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    I would think no matter how many people you have doing the job, you need to estimate the total man hours per week or month, however you charge and X this amount of hours by your company Labor Rate, I think most people use between $50-$60/hour.

    So whether a job takes 6 hours with 1 man, or it takes 3 hours with 2 guys, or takes 1.5 hours with 3 guys, doesn't matter, its still 6 man hours, if this makes sense.


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      bill everything out in man hours...or by the job. If it will take the same amount of time why charge less?


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        Hi Lawncare3000,

        That is a great question a lot of people get confused about.

        Let us know how this all worked out and how the bid went.
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