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Tree branch and stump "hauling"

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  • Tree branch and stump "hauling"

    New to the odd job business and have a customer that wants several large branches and tree trunks(all rooted and removed already) hauled away. This is only for some cutting(on ground) and hauling.

    Seems like a simple enough job. Should only take 2-3 hauls with my pick up truck. I would probably have to cut the branchs to managable pieces and bring a helper to lift the trunks. I was thinking $50 per load - maybe $150 for the whole package?

    thanks for your help!

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    I have a 6x12 trailer and do a lot of tree work. I have forund that if you can cut the branches to fit nicely and pile them about 10 ft. high, you can fit a lot in. I charge $100 per load to load and haul.

    Here is a great trick. Lay a rope under your load and tie a slip knot around the load, then when you get to your dumping grounds, tie the rope on a large block, or even a tractor or something around, even a large tree trunk or something, and pull away with the truck. The load will slip right out the back of your trailer or truck. Saves about a half hour of unloading by hand.
    Hope this helps.
    Northern California


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