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How to gain alot of accounts in a subdivision?

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  • How to gain alot of accounts in a subdivision?

    I was kinda wondering on how to gain alot of accounts in one neighborhood. I have about 10 accounts in one subdivison, but there is 200 homes(most homes have same size lots) , the homes are real close togeather about 20 feet apart. The 10 accounts i have in there i charge $45 a service. I am slowly gaining with the $45, but want more,lol. I do all my jobs perfect.

    I see some lawn care companies rushing in and out and the work isnt as good as mine.

    Each house takes 40 minutes- if you do it right,lol and take your time

    Should i charge $40 instead to gain more accounts

    I know its not how fast you do the job, its how well the job is done..

    Alot of lawn care companies LOWBALL just to have a account

    You get what you pay for...........

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    I think if you can save money not having to drive all around, then it may be just as profitable to charge $5 less. Give it a try and see how it goes.
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      Yea, I agree with littles. the neighborhood I just moved in have been giving great responses since I can discount them $5 on there quotes/estimates becouse I live so close.
      just continue giving quality service and don't stop marketing them, let them know you really want there bussiness, and it will pay off.
      do you cut on the same day as the other lawn companys? try getting out a day before, people like there grass to be cut at the same time. throw it off and get out a day early and it would just be convenient for the to hire you.
      good luck.


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        Have you been doing the clover leaf marketing technique with your flyers or door hangers as you are there working on properties?

        Also this would be a great place to get referrals. Are you asking them for neighbor contacts? Is there a local home owners association? What are you doing about this stuff?
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          Steve, What is the clover leaf marketing technique ?
          I never heard of that.


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            Steve probably knows more about this than I do but I'll take a shot. If I understand it correctly, when you do a lawn in a subdivision, you put out door hangers or fliers to the next 2 or 3 homes in every direction; front, back, sides. Hence, the clover leaf.
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              oh.. ok gotcha.
              I used to that,barley got reactions. now I pass out 200 fliers in the same neighborhood to the same people over and over until I get them to call. I know it sounds creul but it lets them know I really want them as customers.


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                I think that's a great idea. I wanted to do that but got overruled by my wife. Now I can tell her "told ya so".
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                  Its like real life spam or somthing, but if you don't consantly contact them in some way they will forget about you and just keep there "regular guy", you have to keep in there mind some how.


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                    I am sorry about that here is a better explanation.

                    There is more info in our blog post here


                    But it should help you build more clients in a smaller area.

                    What if as a referral, you told your clients that if they can get another person signed up, you will give them both a % off their service or maybe a free service. Like a free aeration, gutter cleaning, hedge trimming or maybe they get to choose. If you experimented with this, it might get people to help you sell to their friends.
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                      yea I gotcha.
                      and just keep hittin em, and work your way down the whole block a little at a time.


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                        You'll love this one. I took the "Sorry about the noise" flyer, edited it for myself, put a spot for me to enter in a price to cut. But I took it further based on a idea that others had here and made my own little grass seed envelope. It has my logo and instructions in a "cute" way. It says something like spread the seeds, add 3 parts sun, one part rain and calls us to take care of the rest.

                        I passed out 100 of them and got 4 responses. One was a guy who was angry at the thought I might have walked his property. Another was the post office telling me to stop putting flyers in mail boxes. Another was an install job that I didn't get. And another was a $30 a week mow that I did get.

                        I made another 200 envelopes that I need to glue and fill. I was quite broke at the time so making my own was better than buying pre-made envelopes. So my plan is the continue this marketing but not to use mailboxes and use pre-made coin envelopes with label I stick on instead.

                        I also decided to not include prices but rather offer free estimates. Over the winter I will make many of these getting ready for spring. I expect to have 4 times the amount of accounts I have now this time next year.

                        Until I am working 4-5 days all day by myself, I will be relentless on my marketing. Recently I bought magnets for my truck and metal signs for my trailer. I have passed out quite a few cards lately. For everyone that gets a card gets a magnetic and a paper version. I ask that they keep the one they prefer and to give the other away to a friend. I also offer a free cut for each person that hires me for the season.
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                          That sounds very interesting! I'd love to see some pictures of your flyer and your seed envelope!
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                            I have to show you my metal trailer signs I just got today. They are truly awesome. They came out better than I anticipated. They are 24"x24" And here's my magnetic signs also. These metal signs will go on the ramp and they will be seen as I drive. Now I just need to slow down and not pull out on front of people.

                            Also here is my seed envelope and flyer. The envelope says: 1 Find a bare spot 2 Sprinkle grass seeds 3 Add two parts sun and one part rain. 3 Call us and we'll take care of the rest! ****- I use a font that looks like a kid wrote it. I have my logo and phone number.

                            The envelope shown is printed 4 to a page, cut out, folded and glued.
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                              Oh how neat! That is awesome!

                              Did you create some kind of template for the seed envelope? I'd love to see that!

                              Also how did you attach the envelope to the flyer? Simply with a staple?

                              I think that is very creative.
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