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How to gain alot of accounts in a subdivision?

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    I've got it in publisher so most would have difficulty seeing it but basically it's what you see there times 4 on a page. I just cut it out. glue all the flaps you see there except the top one. Let it dry and then fill it with seed (not too full) and close the top flap with glue.

    Then I fold the flyer in half and staple the envelope to it, closing it. Next time I may go for double sided information or even tri-fold.

    I have a laser printer that prints two sides automatically and I tell you, this thing prints an incredible image. Thats why I bought it. I wanted to save on cost and get better results. I can print for pennies instead of quarters like ink jet. But I get waterproof printing that will handle a little weather.

    But back to the envelope idea. I combined the seed packet idea on here and another idea of using seed envelopes as business cards. But because these are very time consuming I will buy bulk coin envelopes next time and add a printed label. There are companies that will do printed envelopes too. Maybe once I get huge!


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      I did a search and found a lot of places that make 'coin envelopes.' I guess you can either make them or buy them.

      Here is an image I got from one of the many sites that offer this.

      Then, as Rob said, you could place a sticker on it to say anything you wanted.
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