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pricing on size of lawns being gas and supplys went up

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  • pricing on size of lawns being gas and supplys went up

    Hi glad I joined You will be hearing from me from time to time. You have a nice setup here. I have a question whats the best way you have to charge for a lawn cut because gas went up some people just don't have the money. so is there a fair way to measure the yard and come up with a price that's fair. like what is the limit and still be fair.
    Thank you
    Bill D&B landscaping

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    That could depend entirely on what area your in & what the market will bear. What's the going rate & average property size in your area?
    Yes I have priced & quoted to customers based on total property sq footage before & often do. I explain well mamm the average lot here it 80x125 (10,000 sq ft) & going rate is $_________ Your property is 100x150 (15,000 sq ft), thus my price is half again higher than your average lot in this area so I would ask you to pay $________ I think that's only fair right?

    We need a bit more info to help you out more here.


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      To save gas i been risking not doing a site survey and been going by the size of the yard found on my local gov site. So if a lawn is say .45 acres i charge 45 most lawn in my area are .15 and i charge a min of $30 it hasn't failed me yet but it saves on gas. But you lose the personal part I dont see the people and dont have the oppurtinty to have a face to face conversation.


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