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I need to bid a mow and weed control job Tommorow

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  • I need to bid a mow and weed control job Tommorow

    I received a call to bid on a weekly mow and trim and weed control job on a lot that is .266 acres. I have never done any weed control work. I do have a scotts broadcast spreader and figure I can pickup the weed control stuff at Lowes or HD. Any advice or suggestions? How much should I charge?

    Here are some pics of where I am doing the work.

    Ben Belhorn
    Gotta Mow Lawn Maintenance

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    Usually weed products come in liquid form, not granular. I don't know about the U.S., but Home Depot here no longer carries pesticides, as they are illegal pretty much everywhere.

    When I used to do it, I bought it in concentrated form and mixed it in a 3 gallon pump-up sprayer. Make sure you read the labels carefully and mix correctly. I had a sprayer that had a little twist-open measuring cup at the top which was great for measuring the amount of concentrate to mix with the water.


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      What do you have to cut that place with? I could prolly bust that place off in 45mins or less with my Kubota ZD 60". If you are one man band Id say $50 to cut or even $60 if it takes you an hour or less.

      For weed control usually u need a license to apply that stuff even if you pick it up at Home Depot Lowes or whoever. The fact that you are applying it for money means you need a license as you are supposed to be properly trained on how to apply the product and you would also be required to post a signs saying you have applied pesticide to the lawn and for people to stay off the lawn and the registered pesticide number must be marked on the sign as well as your contact number.

      Thats the way it is here, but that don't mean everyone follows that.



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        Any updates on this job how it went? How did the bid work?
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