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What is the fair price for this job?

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  • What is the fair price for this job?

    Long story short, I just started up my service a couple weeks ago. I had a couple yards I would push-mow before, but have decided to try and really make some money mowing. I bought a 42" John Deere Zero turn to cut with now.

    Anyhow, a guy who owns around 200+ pieces of property (whom I initially contacted over a seperate piece of property than the one being discussed here) wants me to do his home yard.

    He wants me to do it tomorrow for $50. He is a bit of a prefectionist, and want it cut, weed-eated, edged, driveway and deck blown, wants me to pull up any weeds I see in any of his gardens, etc. To boot, I just checked, and *this is a 1.58 acre lot.

    I feel like I would be out there for 4+ hours doing this job. *With gas at $4 a gallon, there is just no way. I also have to take into account gas it takes to travel there (only about 3 miles though), hour/wear tear on my machines, etc.

    I am thinking I should tell him that the least I will do that for is around $120. How does everyone else feel?

    Here is an over-head with dimensions, and a front pic of the house.

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    4 Hours? I wouldnt do it for less than $200. Good luck!
    Northern California


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