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  • Paver patio (bid check)

    Ok....I have this paver patio job that i`am getting ready to bid on.(Tomorrow) Its a 14` x 24` paver patio. Part of the patio will go in between 2 lager oak trees. Should be far enough away to hit any roots with size or even damage the trees! Nice ground. So my depth should need only about 8" cut. The patio will have few curves. I`ll be using the Holland pavers for this job! I came up with the estimate right around $3,100. Does this seem low or i`am I close? Thanks again

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    What would be the costs of the materials and how did you come up with that figure?
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      -Pavers would be $670
      -The base rc6 would be $30 a ton. Needs about a ton and half..but will be getting 2 tons
      -The truck to bring the rc6 $100
      -The sand $56
      -Polymeric Sand $30
      -Plate tamper $100 rental
      -Excavation of ground $400 (By hand)
      -Removal of dirt $250
      -Labor $1,400

      This is a bit lower then $3,100. I have done smaller walk-ways and patios. But never one this large. I have also called around to few other landscape companys and over the phone bids the gave me..where over $4,500 for this kind of job. Now keep in mind this is over the phone bid!


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        Hi Daren

        I'm Sorry to say at $3100 you are leaving a lot of money on the table, (meaning you are to low).

        I would be around $5000 - $6000 for a job like this.

        Polymeric Sand will cost you more than $30 you have in the bid. it cost $16 per bag and will only cover 100 sq ft. per bag.

        Paver edger is not even in your list and can cost up to $2 per Ln ft. not counting the landscape spikes

        If I were you I would bid this at $16 -$18 per sq ft and you would be ok. If your doing most of the work by hand, removal of the dirt by hand will take some time, you might want to re-think this part and rent a small mini-skidsteer ( bobcat MT-52) this thing will save you 2 days of hard labor.

        Good Luck


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