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  • sod job

    im have been ask by the city of mount vernon indiana to do a sod job for them the city messed up some ones front yard its about 693 sqfeet the sod will cost about $200 but i will have to drive 15 miles to go get it and 15 miles back i need help on what i should charge them to do this job there will be me and one outher guy please help

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    Do you have to rip up the old grass? Do you need to add fill dirt?
    If not & it's just throw it down & go, It shouldn't take too long. Double the material (labor) & charge for delivery.


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      i will have to till it up and smooth the ground there is a little work to do


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        As I mentioned in Chuck's earlier post, you want to put down 4" of new, black topsoil to do a proper job, otherwise the grass will thin out. The sod usually comes with starter fertilizer as well, but if not, grab some of that.