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  • HOA Accepting Bids

    Below is the email from the HOA:
    Our current landscaping contact will be up in a couple of months. The existing company does a great job, but they are too expensive. We are accepting bids for the following: Maintaining Lawn care and landscaping for a 400 foot x 32 foot subdivision entry way (once weelky); (2) quater acre plots (once weekly), and pasture mowing for about 5 acres (once a month). In addition, we have 5 huge dead oak trees that eventually need to be removed. I prefer dealing with one company that can do everything, but I'm willing to contract out the trees seperately if needed. The entry way of our subdivision also needs some flowers. I think about 20-30 flats will work (we can buy them if needed).
    Please quote a 6 month mowing contract for the entry way and 5 acre pasture. Quote the 5 trees and 20 flats of planted flowers seperately. Please send bids by May 15th so that we can make a decision.

    Thanks for all your responses and I would really appreciate your help with this one. Greg

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    Hi Greg,

    Of that listing of work, which would you be comfortable with doing and which would you have to sub contract out?
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