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Removing weeds?

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  • Removing weeds?

    We've been getting calls on people wanting weeds removed, how do you charge for this?

    One lady is a regular who we charge 40 for cutting front back and edging/blowing, she has an average lawn. She has some weeds in her back yard and she wants gone without killing the grass.

    What product would you use and how would you charge?


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    If you're talking chemicals, there's a bunch of different ones you can get anywhere that take care of broadleaf lawn weeds, I don't really have a preference for one over another. I usually bill around the same as mowing for any fertilizer/weed control, usually a bit less. It seems to balance out since it takes less time, but adds a cost for materials.


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      See in our state to spread fertilizer you have to be licensed and if you get caught it is trouble. There is alot of products out there i would personaly go to my supplier and ask them what they would use like we have john deere landscapes and lesco or get online and check scotts they have a scale to use.


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