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  • Bed edging

    I recently went to a home owner to bid a clean up which included 2000 linear feet of bed edging came up with a price of $550 is this price to high I estimated at .25 a foot

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    just a thought... but wouldnt i make more sense to bid the job based on your hourly rate? This way you wont be too high or too low? Are you also mulching? Have you thought about renting a bed edger?? I can go to my local rental shop and for $75.00 get that job done in about 30 minutes... just something to think about


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      2000' is pretty long...but $0.25 per foot seems expensive to me.

      How long do you reckon it will take you? I usually bill by the hour for those sorts of odd jobs.


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        well I have a brown bed edger but don't know how long it will take to edge with it because i just purchased it and haven't used the brown machine before. If I was to charge an hourly rate say it takes me 30 minutes like you said and I charge $50 a hr that means i would only make $25 off the whole yard?


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          make it worth your while, but dont rip them off... upsell them on mulch too!!!


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            I like the idea of charging by the size rather than work hours.....time can be judged wrong...the size shouldnt change much. I would just work out a better rate. 0.10 or 0.15 a foot sounds good to me. I would also consider a discount on larger jobs.

            How much do those bed edgers run in price?


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              Thanks for the post rick when I was attempting to recalculate the job I came up with around .15 also to be a good number. I got a brown 780 H bed edger that was used maybe one season in great condition for 900 brand new these machines cost at least 1900 new I think and there are a varitey of blades you can use for different applications such as irrigation piping and stump grinding


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