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Robert has a bid question

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  • Robert has a bid question

    Robert wrote me with this bid question.

    Can anyone assist?

    "i have a chance for some big jobs. i dont know how to charge for it. should i charge by the job at 30.00hr. or should i charge by the by the square foot at .2th of a cent. i dont know witch one is better? this is for city/county bid. i have not done much of the kind of work. i usel et small one. but i wanting to expand in the larger ones. are this prices hogh or are they low? can you let me know what your thault are on this for me. thank you for your time. i live in the middle of iowa if that helps out any, there is 15 to 16 jobs some are small and some are large like were 6 house use to set at. they have remove the house and everything else. all that is left is grass. thanks Robert "
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    well...does Robert normally charge $30.00 per man hr (or is that $30.00 per hour...big difference). Where did he come up with that figure?

    To be most accurate using sqft for jobs is a good idea. I would start there.

    Also, do you know your productivity? How much work you can do per hour? That will play a role in the way you quote.


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