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    I was invited to bid on this apartment complex, never bid on anything this large yet. *What do you all think would be the best way to estimate a large property, should I walk the perimeter with a contractors wheel, or should I estamate how long I think it will take me and figure out a per hour charge to come up with a flat monthly rate?

    Address: *
    519 Shasta Ave
    Eagle Point, OR 97524

    Services required:
    Mow & Edge weekly (April - November) *as needed remaining months
    Remove debris from lawn & Bark beds
    Fertilize 4x per year
    Aerate & Thatch lawns 1 time per year
    Inspect irrigations systems weekly and repair as needed
    Weed control in lawns and bark beds
    Prune & Trim trees and shrubs as needed to look groomed at all times
    fertilize shrubs and trees 1-2 times per year
    Parking lot surfaces, walkways, and ramps (cracks and seams) free of weeds at all times
    Blow down all surfaces to remove any debris from my maintenance work
    Clean roofs, gutters, and down spouts 4x per year
    Remove moss on roofs as needed
    Blackberry bushes controlled as needed
    Annual application of pre-emergence on lawn areas 1 time per year
    Parking lot sweeping and debris removal Weekly, picking up cigarette butts and that sort of thing.

    Basically a COMPLETE Landscape Maintenance Contract.

    I couldn't get google earth to zoom in clear, STEVE might be able to help me out on this one.

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    Hey Andy, is this the property below:


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      this is what i found when i typed in the address you posted. I believe this is 321 shasta. Cant find anything with your address???


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        That doesn't look like it, the property in question would have probably 6-10 seperate building, with a playground by a large parking lot in the middle, towards the back.
        try 519 S. Shasta Ave in Eagle Point, OR


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          How do you get those images anyway? Do you have to be a subscriber to google earth to get those better images or something?


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            Hmmm. Pictures wont get close enough. I do see that the lot size is 68,389 sq ft. Built in 1982. Complex itself is 20,891 sq ft.


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              Yeah, its quite large, do you get any aerial view at all, or is there too many trees letting you see anything?


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                Not at all. Some addresses have the close ups like that and some dont. i always use When someone calls for an estimate I take their address and enter it here, tells me what their property is worth, corner lot, sometimes close ups, etc..... Hope this helps


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                  Yeah, I can't find an image with good zoom quality. *OH well, I wish someone would invent the perfect formula for estimating, LOL, maybe I'll just have to create my own. *I guess my biggest fear is bidding too high and not getting the job, but then bidding too low and working way more hours per week than its worth.


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