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    Hi Guys. I have been asked to bid on a job and I need some input from the pros. The customer wants basic grounds maintenance & mulch 2 times a year. The job has a total of 6 beds that consist of small low maintenance shrubbery with red mulch. Bed measurements a follows:
    26'x5' - 31'x8' - 31'x4' - 39'x8' - 10'x8' - 5'x9'

    I am posting an satellite photo. The green outlines indicate cutting areas, red outlines are the beds, black line at the front is the ditch line that I can cut most of with the mower then have to trim the rest. Black dots indicate trimming obstacles. The service is going to be weekly. Any help or hints for bidding this job would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jay

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    if you guys need more info let me know...............thanks jay


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      hey did i not give enough info or ask for to much any help plz


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        Quote[/b] (jab1472 @ Jan. 29 2008,9:10)]hey did i not give enough info or ask for to much any help plz
        there snoozing,lol


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          What would you charge to do that property?
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