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    Ok here is the deal.

    2,500 acres mowing _ /per acre

    250 acres of fetilization of turf_/per acre

    750 acres of littler removal _/ each

    Now these are streets that ill be mowing.

    Equipment needed
    1 tractor with 15ft batwing mower
    2 ZTR
    4 weed eaters
    2 edgers

    Now there are TWO of these that I am bidding on. That means X2 everything. ( Note) This will be on a 26 day cycle. Every 26 days Ill have to complete the cycle. Man power as follows:

    1 supervisor
    1 foreman
    5 Equipment Operators
    Workers 4
    spray Technician ( ME ) I have the license.

    Now equipment is already easy to get I have friend that Owns a Tractor Company He will get me what I need. ( He said win the bid come get what ever I need we can square up later. ( thats a #### good friend.)

    Anyway I need some input LOL Im always the one helping now I need some help.

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    If this is road side can you give idea of width as an adverage and milage ?

    As far as per acre you could charge anywhere between 195 and 215 per and include the weed trimming and edging. $145-$165 per acre. This is the going rate here in KY for 15' batwing. It is very steep and hilly here.

    Fert take the RETAIL cost of the materials and multiply it by 4.75 this should be close.

    Liter pick up should be safe at .5 (1/2) acres per man per hour @ your hourly rate and figure in the dump charges for total.

    If this is GOVERMENT bid make sure you check for prevailing wages for each persons catagory (operater and laborer) if pervailing wages are required. Better safe than sorry find out now instead of later. Could cost you your business if it is prevailing and you bid normal wages, win the bid and find out later it is pervailing and you have to pay all the back difference in wages due to your employees not to mention the fines and penalties that go along with it.

    Good Luck Rodman
    2:21 AM 12/28/2007


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      We do long grass work from a single lot to unlimited acres, the price for a clean smooth lot (4th gear mowing) is $150 for the first acre and $45 per additional acre. This is the price with no line trimming or spraying. The cost for linetrimming is $52 per man per hour, litter pick up is as Tim stated .5 acre per hour per manhour. This price goes away for weekly maintenance contracts, and the spraying is what you need to add percentage wise for you and the man hours to spray. Good Luck,
      Kurk Petersen


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