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bed and hedge cleanup

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  • bed and hedge cleanup

    Here some picsture all the little live oak needs to cleaned up and the hedges takin down to 3 foot. plus completly remove the oleander.

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    here is another picture.


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      needs to come up and replaced with top soil


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        how many feet of hedges are they?


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          50 feet


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            the way i price my cleanups are simply a hour wage, that way if you quote them 200 for the job, but your there all day long you lose money. i charge 50/man hr. that pays for gas, maintence stuff.


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              Do you have labor help or are you doing this by yourself?

              How tall are the Hedges that you need to take down to 3' ? (How much material are you required to remove)

              NOTE: Removing to much at one time will cause stunted hedges or kill them. Then you have to replace them and you don't want that to happen.

              Even if you price a hourly wage you still have to give estimate of how much time it will take to do it.

              ON YOU OWN;
              I would Price out the Top Soil cost $xxx amount + time to grade it out and seed of what ever needs to be done from there with that area.
              Trimming hedges 50' x 2.85 = 1.5 for trimming and balance for clean up clippings.
              Pruning the oaks didn't look to be to bad so I would add 2 hours for this @ your rate.
              Add a refuse removal fee of 3 times the dumping charges at your local dump.

              There you have it if you do this on your own.

              WITH HELP;
              Same as above but you will complete it faster and make it easier for you and still charge the same or may be add $ 100 for casual labor for the day.

              Good Luck


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