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    My price also is due to where i live, and if you are closing more than 10 percent of your quotes you are to low. Price is dictated by where you live i know guys that get more and less it is all realitive.
    I wont do hard prunning in the summer i do mainenance pruning new growth only. If i have to take a 30 year old shrub back i do it when it is dormant, over the couse of 4 winters. That price is for me. Now one thing i had done to get my rate higher is this. What i used to do is roll in to do a cleanup or prune etc w 4 men includding myself. I would charge the home owner a fair hourly rate per man hour. So lets say i charged $45 per man hour times 4 men . That is $180.00 per hour all equipment and dumptruck that we are there. So 2 guys on mowers, two guys on blowers. One mower has a JRCO dethatcher, both mowers are BObcat ZTR 61 deck w/ gas trac vac. So i go into a yard 2 hours spring cleanup done plus .Diisposal $410.00 . I did this for years and would send out my maint agreement to the customers so with increases lets say this particular customer is up to $430.00 now. The job used to take 2 hours w 4 men or 8 manhours. I can go in and do that same job by myself in about three hours. Also I am a huge fan of the one man mowing crew unless doing huge all day commercial jobs. I can back this up I had a 20 ft car hauler 2 guys on ZTR one guy runs the trimmer. First ZTR back to trailer blows the drive or if trimmer is done starts to blow off driveway. Mowers loaded gas up weedwackers if guy is still blowing. Bing bang boom out of there. With this method we could cut and $80.00 lawn in 40 min then travel time to next job then unload so say 10 min to get to this acount and 10 minutes to get to the next so that 80.00 job is one hour of travel and work time to keep it simple or 3 man hours. So that job pays 26.67 per man hour for that job. WAY TOO LOW. One mancan do that same lawn in 58-60 minutes everyweek. I still have windshield time 20 min so 80min or 1.33 man hours The job now gets charged $90 per cut or $67.67 per man hour . so if you send the 3 guys in different directions they make more individually 3 individual crews @ $65.00 per hour I would be making over $180 per hour instead of their combined $80 per hour on this example of one of my lawns.


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      Quote[/b] ]My price also is due to where i live, and if you are closing more than 10 percent of your quotes you are to low.
      Where do you think the sweet spot is? What % of the quotes should you be closing?
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        If I closed 10% of my quotes I would be broke and out of business. I close 50-75% of my quotes and still pull in $60-$100 hr depending on the job. I think it would depend a lot on where you live and the type of market you have for landscape services.
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