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River pebbles for bed "mulch"

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  • River pebbles for bed "mulch"

    So I got a call from someone. They wanted to get a quote on a one-time bed clean-up. My partner and I went out to the property. The bed was in BAD condition. Weeds in the ENTIRE thing. The good thing was that the weeds are BIG at the roots, so it won't be as bad to complete as you might think at first glance.

    The APPROXIMATE dimensions were 50'x5'.

    I asked her what all she wanted done. She told me to clean out the bed and lay some kind of decorative mulch type stuff, but that she didn't want to use anything organic due to her severe allergies. I told her that the two best options would be either river pebbles or synthetic pinestraw. She (I think) is going to go with the pebbles due to the high cost of the synthetic pine straw.

    Here's my question. What would you charge to lay the rock in that big an area (not counting the clean-up itself)? The bags are .5 cu ft each and weigh about 30-40 lbs each. I figure it will take at LEAST 120 bags.

    How would you figure your price?

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    do you have a local nursery near you ? If so go buy it by the cu yard. She want small or large rocks? Get some river rock install that. I also charge 300 to install it .Hold on ill give you your sq ft . 250 sq ft lets say you want to give it 4 ' deep. that is 3.09 cubic yards. would be better off getting 4 cubic yards. 250 yards not alot to put in flower bed.


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      I agree. Buy bulk from a nursery. You will 1/2 your cost for this job immediately. When the scoop driver goes to the bin to get your rock, ask him to scoop from the upper part of the rock pile. Scooping from the top half will give you a better quality rock. The bottom of the pile contains a lot of the smaller stones and lots of stone dust.

      Also, think about laying landscape fabric before you put the rock down. It will greatly help deter weeds.

      Take pictures....would love to see before and after.

      Start a profitable lawn care business.


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        I still haven't heard from this lady.... I intend to call her tomorrow and see what's going on.

        I will most definately take before & after pics... this one will be a HUGE difference.


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