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How to charge for snow plowing

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    I charged my apartment complex 10,000 for two years of lawn and snow. I did this rate as I know the owners and apartment manager. I have been all over the net I am looking into multiple push rates I have yet to find one that suits small business start up owners. I would recommend that anyone who has never plowed before to spend at least year of research before attempting this. I have plow for a landscaping company and running a front end loader with a 36 foot push broom for on a 35 acre holding yard. I have even worked on a golf course which is perfect for learning how to take lawn care to another level. It is nice to see a site like this dedicated to people wanting learn this trade.
    I would love to see a picture of a 36 foot push broom.


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      I am green with Envy for you and your "snow" *kicks dirt*

      I am working on pushing cleaning projects and pressure washing... might move north just so im not sitting around in the winter *huffs and puffs*

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        It is so discouraging!

        Hi everyone..felt the need to add my 2" to this. We live in Chelsea Maine which is right outside of Augusta. Lots of back woods, takes 15 minutes to get anywhere etc. We do not drop the plow for less the 35 a driveway. If the storm is over 8" we charge twice. My customers are crying. The fact that they had to pay twice this past storm makes for us committing homicide or something. You would think that we set out to screw them.

        There is honestly uninsured trucks with plows, that are "fly by night" and won't return doing this for 20 bucks a driveway. I could just cry. My customers think we are made of money and that our $7,000 plow and $50,000dollar truck was just handed to us and there aren't any payments to make. This doesn't account for payroll, insurance and everything else we have going on, also diesel being $4.20 a gallon.

        My husband has said he refuses to plow next year. That everyone is whining and doesn't understand that we never go anywhere, we watch the weather to plan family outings, we can't visit out of state family for Christmas cause we are commited to plowing. Sorry for the vent guys but people thinking about getting into plowing should understand what all is involved.
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