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How to bid  an irrigation job

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  • How to bid  an irrigation job

    Im going to place a bid on a brand new homes irrigation system...and I need to know a few things about doing this as it is my first time. First of all I need to know if I should charge by the square foot or by how many valves I will need. Secondly, I need to know if I should lay the pipes before the concrete is laid as there are two driveways. Im guessing I will need approx. 8 valves with 5-7 sprinkler heads per valve to complete the job. Im also doing the sodding on the same house, but the owner wants seperate bids on the irrigation and the sod. Im thinking we will use anywhere from 28-30 palates. Im more familiar with bidding sod than irrigation, but if you have any suggestions, Ill benefit from those as well. Im really not wanting to undercharge as gas is about $4.00/GAL down here, but I don't want to overcharge. PLEASE HELP!! FAST!! Thank you for any help you can contribute.
    - Hurtado Landscaping & Maintenance

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    Do you have a contractors license? If not, then I would not do it, especially on a new home construction, AND with it being your first time. Sounds like a recipe for trouble.
    Sorry, I dont mean to sound negative, but if you dont have the experience and proper lic. then you shouldn't tackle it.
    Good luck if you try anyway.
    Northern California


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      you charge per head, figure out the number of heads and charge an amount per head


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        Hi Hurtado,

        I sent a message to Craig, our irrigation specialist to see if he can offer his insight.
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          I'm sorry if this comes off as negative, but, if you have no idea what to charge for a system, you probably do not have a lot of experience in irrigation design or construction.

          Are you in Duarte, California? That was the only SERP on your company name.

          I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure you need a specific license to install irrigation anywhere in CA.

          The same is true in Florida, but guy's get away with it all the time.

          But if they get caught, they lose their ###.

          That being said, you should put in sleeves before the driveway is poured. A 4" sleeve can comfortably contain two one inch pipes (a mainline and a lateral) plus some wire. A spare sleeve never hurts, as it can be used later on for lighting, etc.

          Be sure to duct tape the ends of the sleeve to keep out dirt.

          As to what to charge, check with your local irrigation supply company to get an idea on regional pricing.


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            yes i do have same experiece on irrigation i'd worked for a company this past winter i leard a lot ,but i havent done any irrigation jobs for my self. Im in lower Alabama an tommoro im going to get a price on the material .


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              Will your local irrigation supplier help you with a break down of how much you should charge?

              Let us know what you find out.
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                I found this link that states that irrigation is generally not inspected in Alabama, so I doubt that you will run into any permitting problems.


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                  the materials are going to run around 13,000 hundred


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