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How to price wrapping boxwoods for winter (burlap)

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  • How to price wrapping boxwoods for winter (burlap)

    We've just finished wrapping a client's boxwoods for the winter with burlap. It took 2 guys 2.5 hours. The work involved placing stakes around the plants and then stapling the tightly draped burlap to the stakes. Any assistance on pricing this job would be appreciated! We don't want to over (or under) charge the guy!

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    Do you have an hourly operating fee that you go by? How do you bill for mowing?

    If you don't have an hourly fee you go by, can you make one by taking the amount of hours you work in a day and divide that with the amount of money you make in a day?

    For example, 1 man working 8 hours brings in $400.

    $400 / 8 = $50 an hour.

    Then for a (2 guys * (2.5 hour job)), multiply it by your hourly fee?

    You could offer a bit of a discount because you aren't traveling anywhere during that 5 hour total period.

    Keep us posted on what you decided to go with and how that all worked out.
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