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    1 1/4 acre lawn nice big and easy no small areas takes about 2-3 hours by my self with 36 walk behind no velkie. 75 to cheep and its a bi weekly

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    Are you charging $75 for 3 hours of work? That is $25 an hour.

    How does that compare with the hourly income you make from other sized properties?
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      the price depends on what your service area will provide. If you were in my area that would be a good price for that type of property. Steve, you can't charge a customer because the equipment you have makes the job 3 hrs. If i were to cut that yard with my equipment then it would only take me about 25 minutes with 2 ZT's. would it be fair to only charge the customer $50 because I invested more in my equipment? I think not. I firmly believe that you have to charge for the job based on the market you're in not how long it takes you based on the equipment you have.


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        Agreed, you need to have the right equipment to do the job.


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