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    Yeah, I see how it would be difficult to have a completely customised section at the bottom.

    The way you've added the packages is actually probably better, because it focuses on what you are trying to sell (assuming packages are your most profitable or best value). If people who you just quote for lawn mowing and edging can see that only a small increase in price will get them on package #1, then hopefully they'll consider that option instead.

    Adding a brief description next to the packages section on the quote form (like you have done for the individual services) may help potential clients see the added benefit of upgrading to a package. I know it's all on the other sheet, but the easier you make it for people, the better.

    I'm sure I'll change it 10 more times in the next week
    Continually evaluating what you are doing and what does and doesn't work is a good thing! It might drive you nuts, but it's good for your business!


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      I have a section (about 1/3 of the page) with the most common upsells and recommendations in column form on left side of page, then a brief description of what it is, the time of year done, then a blank spot for me to write in prices. Something like this...

      Service recommended description time completed price

      Aeration plug aeration spring or fall
      Fertilizer/weed killer organic based all year
      Overseed overseed entire lawn spring or fall

      Under price i write in the price of only the services i recommend. I have many more services listed, but this gives an example of how i do it.


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