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Costs for snow removal

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    Bottom line is that it can and does get very complicated when it comes to figuring out how much to charge. So my advice is to take your time, start small and thing of every possible angle you can to help you determine your “true cost” and this will help you determine what you should be charging. And document as much as you can about your process, then you will have the information you need to help you figure your pricing out.

    I agree. Good advice. Document as much as you can. You can build on this years documentation for next season. Then this years and next years the following year. Its like zeroing in on a target. If you make it long enought your priceing will get very good in just a few short years. But remember that as you get bigger your costs will go up. Allott. Then you will need to raise your rates just to stay in bussiness. Its hard to raise your rates on your exisiting coustomers as fast as your costs will go up. this will drive you crazy. But do not freak out, go for it! PR


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