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Some sort of scam?

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    Scam! Fo sho!


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      Make copies of all emails and then go to file a complaint with the FBI through that website. This is called internet crime, they are just trying to get your personal banking information.


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        This is how I won one of my best customers. It was for Rite-Aid stores. I didn't believe it at first but they were legit. I now do several additional chains because of it Give them a call. Ask questions. Call Sheetz and ask them who handles their maintenance contract. Good luck and maybe you will make a good contract and good money.


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          Scam. They didn't use your business contact email, phone, or website and they want to pay in an unusual and dangerous way. Scam.

          If they are real they are unprofessional enough to look like a scam. There's still something wrong there. Trust your intuition. Stay away.


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            Hi Everyone,

            Just wanted to address some of your concerns; Shields Facilities Maintenance is a real company, our website is Our 800 # is 888-965-8818. Yes, Sheetz is a client of ours, and no we do not use direct deposit, we pay all of our contractors by check, Net 30 days. Give us a call if you would like more information, we are always looking for good contractors that are licensed and insured. We bid on many projects for retailers and banks such as landscaping, snow plowing, janitorial, etc.

            Thank you.

            Sara McClosky
            Shields Facilities Maintenance


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              My first step would have been to call the company listed at the address and ask them if they know of this other company in which it appears they are the parent company.

              Sometimes things do seem too good to be true, but is it worth 10 mins of your time to find out.


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