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Help bidding a commercial snow plow job at a trailer park

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  • Help bidding a commercial snow plow job at a trailer park

    Hi everyone. I am trying to get some help bidding on snow removal for one of my regular mowing customers, I have two properties to plow and maybe spread salt? I charge 560.00 to mow one park and 265.00 to mow the other all in all it takes 1 guy 7.5 hrs to mow both places. I have been crunching numbers and have found that I think i need to charge 125.00 per man/truck hour for snow removal and 1.00 per lb of salt spread to make money. I have a 2002 Chevy 2500HD with a 6.0 litre that gets about 8miles to the gallon at almost 4.00$ per gallon. its 22.00 miles to the parks and have estimated 36.00 in fuel out and back not including fuel used there. probably 20 + gallons = 104.00 just in fuel 1 trip out. I am thinking 1.5 -2.0 Hrs in one park with maybe 15 minutes of salting, and 2-3 Hrs in the other park with again 15 minutes in salting if requested 5 minutes of shoveling at both places. Should I just charge my normal mowing rates for both places per push? or should I be a little higher in price? Plus I was curious as what to charge for clean up after the storm and opening the park entrances after the plows are done on the main roads? I was thinking 187.50$ for the clean up of the entrances just for time and fuel that would be 1.5 hrs Please help need to get bid in the next couple days. oh yeah they want a contract price also should i base off 10 or 15 storms and if and when we get to that number charge per push rate for the rest of the season?

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    You can plow about a acre a hour. So check out how many acres the lots are and base it off that. Also youll get even less gas if your using 4x4 and the trip will take longer.

    To figure out a seasonal price. You would have to know how many snowfalls your area has. I use a 3 yr average but if you havent been keeping track, good luck finding out. You should be able to google the total snow accumulation but it wont tell you how many storms.


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