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    I cut some pretty tall grass 2008/9, went better than expected with a self propelled, mulching - 1 pass.

    If the grass was like mine, I'm sure your equipment did just fine. It was mostly dry and full of weeds, nothing lush.
    Yeah, it doesnt take some special equipment to get a job done. Yeah I may have had to resharpen the blades but I have to anyway. Just because its not what you would have done doesnt mean I shouldve let it go. I've got bills to pay and a family to feed, plus and I walked the land before I took the job and looked for any obstacles that would damage the mower. I didnt hurt the mower itself one bit.


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      For such jobs do you bid them on an hourly basis due to the unknown of what you would find in the high grass or do you give a price based on the amount of time you feel it will take?
      I normally bid the job what I think it would take with a little extra time. I don't bid less the $175 since the time for the maintance that has to be done. It's good money but a hassle unless you don't take care of your equipment.


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        i could do it.

        you take your time, tilt it upwards when it bogs. you can get through anything if you have a good enough running mower.


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          Wear, tear, and risk, all increase when doing jobs such as tall grass.

          It's not something I would recommend, but there is a 50/50 chance that something might f'up or it will go rather smoothly.

          Personally, I try to stay clear of long grass.

          Everyone is right on this thread, no sides to choose between.


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