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wtf kind of specs are these?

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  • wtf kind of specs are these?

    I seen some weird stuff in RFP's before but this goes beyond that. Everything is dictated from how to store, plant, move, handle, grade, the weather, etc.

    I mean I would have to pull this out and read it before every move I make. They want lab results on seeds, guarantees on plants, fences to protect plants, even specific formulas of fertilizer.

    They want a portfolio of your previous work and probably a sperm sample.

    Is this where all the govt money goes?
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    I dont see any problems here/ If you have any experience with government verbage, you would understand that they want bags of grass seed the you buy at the store, you know the ones that have all that information on them. This is all stuff you would do and be carefull of in any job. Just get past the governmental verbage, and bid the job as you would for any one else. Of course beingthe government they will reject you bid if you did not multiply you bid by 5 time as is would be way to low to be understood.


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      Some of it is common sense.

      I mean though there really going to pay someone to check every bag? I can see some guy checking every bag on the pallet to see if its sealed.

      By looking at the details. It seems like I have to buy everything from a box store. The seeds arent a problem but soil, mulch, plants and trees?

      I wouldnt install a plant from homedepot in my worst enemies yard.

      So to get this bid, I basically come up with a number then add 000 to it?

      Its funny you that. The winter before last was real bad. The cities hired contractors at $300 a man hour for plowing and $210 a man hour to clear roofs off. Then refused to pay saying they were gouged.


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        The army corps of engineers are always the fun ones as far as government contracts go.
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          I bet they never check any of this as you do it.

          The government likes to pay all their close, friends, family, relatives, retired members to perform exhaustive prep work like this that is overkill beyond belief.

          Keep us posted as you go.
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