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    Hi All My name is pete I started my lawn service June of 2011 love running my own business need a little help on a bid I live near Houston Tx

    I picked up a pet clinic it took me 1.5 hours to cut helper edged and weed eat 2 hours I ran weed eater for half hour blow off took half hour total man hours 4.5 hours Thanks Pete RWB Lawn Services Rosharon TX

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    If you know how long it takes. Whats the problem?


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      Hi Pete,

      Welcome to our forum.

      You are ahead of the game knowing how long it takes to perform the job. How much do you charge per hour?

      Can you then take that figure and multiply it by the amount of hours it takes you to perform?
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        I agree with Steve i usually charge 40 an hour so it'd be around 180


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          I noticed that you had no bed work or hedge trimming involved. this would be considered a basic package I would suggest pricing it out at a lower hourly rate. for example round up your time to 5 hours and charge 25.00 per hour that is 500.00 per month. I wish we could get top dollar for a basic package but the chances of that are slim to none. Basic mowing in my area is going for 20.00 per acre figure out your job by the acre and I bet its close to 500 per month.

          I turned down a big mowing job like this just because the money did not fit my time.
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