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    Success! The customer loved the job I did, and had no problem with the charge. I also got a case of Canadian, so I am all smiles.

    TY very much all! and to you Steve for this website. I am gonna really enjoy reading all the posts and leaning from everyone on your forum!


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      Buddy It has taken you an awfull long time to do that job, To long to be profitable. I would have bid that same job here in Fl for around 450.00 and been done in a day. My advice to you is take on smaller jobs till you learn the ropes. Just charge your customer 100.00 per day and I think you will be fine, Also get a buddy to help you on jobs of that size and pay him fair... its funny how a helping hand makes you more money. TIME IS MONEY!!
      Most of us learn as we go....Keep your head up
      If you can't be good..Be good at it!


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        What do you feel might have been a more realistic hour number for you?
        Cant really say without seeing the job but first I wouldve brought a helper. Once fatigue sets in, efficiency drops. When your more experienced you can do things faster. The right tools always helps too.

        With removing shrubs, you can dig a little around the base then put a comealong on it and rip it out of the ground. You could also use a tow chain and back it out with a truck. I did this with tree stumps. Another option is a sawzall on the roots.

        They delivered bag mulch? That explains the cost. Never buy bag mulch/soil unless you only need 2-3 bags. The mulch being bagged shouldve increased productivity since you dont have to shovel.


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