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900sqft garden fabric + 7 cuyrd spread

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  • 900sqft garden fabric + 7 cuyrd spread

    Hello I have a job to bid on, it request laying down garden fabric(area already prepared apprx. 900sqft and after spreading 7cbyrd of crushed red brick. How much would this job cost. Ive calculated 2 ppl in one day will finish it.

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    here the crushed red brick sells by the ton not the yard and its 100 a ton so you have to find your cost of material add your mark up to that then your cost per hour to operate your business and then add that in plus your profit
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      if this helps, it's $88.50 a yard around here. (let your supplier know your a contractor). 7 yards to cover 900ft fabric maybe a little lite.
      How far is the garden from where your truck will be. The stone is a pain to move


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        Quote accepted

        Hi thanks for the suggestion I got the job for $1200 CAD for

        Removing surplus soil from flower bed (front center)
        Removing broken down garden fabric (front center)
        Leveling all flower beds, filling holes

        Laying down garden fabric apprx. 900sqft
        Spreading crushed brick apprx. 7cbft
        Leveling crushed brick apprx. 900sqft

        Will start next week.


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          Keep track of the amount of man hours it takes to perform each service. Let us know how your estimated time compares with your actual times.

          Also take some pics! We wanna see what you are working on
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