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First River Rock Job 21.5 Cubic Yards

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  • First River Rock Job 21.5 Cubic Yards

    I have a job to spread river rock in the beds. I have the price for all the materical, but need some help to get in the right ball park for the labor estimate. The rock will be placed in driveway and 4 guys will spread the rock with motorized wheelbarrows. I have 21.5 cubic yards to spread and the furthest distance is 75ft away all beds just in front yard. Thanks for all your feedback.

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    Well start with what you know to compare (mulch, top soil, gravel) How long does it take your crew to move those materials, do you have any prep are you putting down landscape cloth? (you should in my opinion) Apply that to 21 yard of river rock. and double it.


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      I'd love to see some pictures of this job and job site.

      How long are you thinking it will take you?

      Will there be any bed prepping?

      Maybe 1 hr per yard to prep and spread? Or are you thinking of a different amount of time?
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