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  • 1.5 acre / first bid

    a guy down the street has a 1.5 acre square lot next to his house. he plans on scalping it and then planting a bunch of flowers. i stopped by there to talk to him and found this out. i was hoping to get this account as a monthly contract. i see he has a few walk ways mowed in this field so i was curious why he didn't cut the whole thing.

    turns out, he is retired Army Chaplin. me being ex Army myself, this was a great opportunity to gain his business. we starting speaking on this lot and i was informed of him wanting to get it scalped.

    what should i charge? i could trailer up and get to his house in less than 20 seconds. so travel time isnt an issue. I could almost just drive the Dixie Chopper to his house from mine but would rather take the trailer.

    what is a good price? $50? $65?

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    Being that he's a Vet and I am to as you are, I would do it as a favor @ $65.00. More business may come of it down the road and if not that's okay to.

    Neighborly thing to do. I know many here will disagree but that's what I would do. If your truly going to scalp it, use the worst blades you have and toss them when your done. LoL $65.00 does sound a little cheap for where I live but I understand all locations are different.
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      Im in Florida, too. Central (Lakeland). Also i have no blades besides the ones installed. Heck, i dont even have but 1 edger blade, no weed eater line, gas, oil.. haha... JUST got the equipment and no time to go to the store for anything. I plan on getting this during this week or weekend though for sure.

      How much are blades? A friend looking at my setup said i had "High Lift" blades on there now. How much for different types of blades? High Lift, Mulch, Regular, etc etc??

      As for the $65 i agree with you on the neighborly thing and would possibly get me more work down the road. If not, oh well, i get to mow and learn my equipment a little better. It would be done in the morning on a day off anyways, not like it is taking away from anything else.

      2006 Dixie Chopper LT2000 44


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        Being neighboly is fine, but as a neighbor he should understand you are in a money making business. If he other work that you could do on a weekly basis, get him to sign a contract, part of it would be the 'scalping' the rest would be the charge for weekly service. He doesnt want to do that the give him a quote for the'scalping'. Also does he excpect you to ick up the clippings? would you have to cart them away? Do you have a place to dump them or would the have to go to the county dump? The time to mow the gras without picking up would be about 3 hours times your hourly rate. I charge 50 per hour so the bid would be 150 to scalp, pickup and haul away would be another 100 at least. PS I live and work in central florida near Lakeland, DO NOT SCREW YOURSELF even for a neighbor.


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          Steve, thanks for the info.

          I am assuming i would just discharge everything from 1.5" cut since i do not have a bag anyways. By him using the word "scalping" i am thinking he just wants it cut as low as possible. Actually I think that's what he said. The friend who suggested 50-65 is in the lawn biz too so i take his estimate with honesty, not just someone in general saying those numbers.

          Also he does his own lawn care so this would be a one time thing. I would rather do this for a little cheaper, knowing i am getting the job vs not getting it at all. I am guessing it would take just over an hour to do. By the estimate of $1 per min, i am doing pretty good I think.. .


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            What is the scalping going to do for him? Would he prefer having certain areas tilled where he wants to plant flowers?
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              i charge 45 an acre so your right in the ball park with your pricing as far as i am concerned and 1 1/2 acres just a bit over an hour to cut
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                My price for 1.5 acres is $91.
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                  thanks guys. i plan on stopping by his place soon and will report back.

                  going with 65 for a single 1.75" cut. if he wants, i will go 2.5" and then 1.25 over again for 100


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                    What is a good pitch to have him go with the 100 vs 65 ?

                    i was thinking something along the lines of (because this grass is maybe 7" currently) 1st pass at 3" and 2nd at 1.75". This would take a little bit longer while making sure fewer clippings are left on top of lawn once completed.

                    does this make sense? problem is, i don't have a bag so i can not offer this. i am able to mulch only by closing the discharge door. i have high lift blades (which i don't even know what they do) and not mulching blades. i leave a line of grass when i close the discharge door. i think...

                    what do you guys suggest?

                    i am thinking of getting some mulching blades but do not want to ruin them on this guys acreage when trying to "scalp" it.


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                      What width mower would you be using on the property?
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                        2006 LT2000 Dixie Chopper 44" cut


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                          2006 LT2000 Dixie Chopper 44" cut
                          You do not have may options for that mower available. your best all around cut is most likely going to be a cross blade setup of these two blades.




                          you have the following 2 gator options as well

                          Standard Gator


                          G6 Gator


                          These are all links to my store and they give current prices and full blade size info with lift.
                          I am the owner of an online mower parts distributor. I am also a Briggs Master Service Technician and Expert Certified Mechanic for Kohler. If my posts helps you please like my facebook page at


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