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Gutter bidding / work - 2 & 3 story

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  • Gutter bidding / work - 2 & 3 story

    First, thanks for all of the info you guys supply on this forum. I have learned ALOT! Already. But I hope y'all are patient as I have a lot of question that as basic as they are, still Need to be answered.

    Ths one is about high gutters. I've picked up that gutters generally run about a buck a foot. I assume this is for the type where the roof allows me to get on top, and walk along blowing or simple scrapping it out. Ther ones I have seen in my area have really steep pitch, and often are 30+ feet in the air! I can only guess these are not at the same rate.

    Of coarse it boils down to time invested on the job. But how can I bid this? I suppose I could, set a ladder, climb up, clean, climb down, and multiply that by feet for a total. Just wondering if there was a more practical way.


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    For us its 1.5 times regular rate for 2nd story. 3 times regular rate for 2nd story from ladder. We don't go any higher than that. Make sure you are covered by your insurance for it - not worth the risk of falling from a ladder if you are not.
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      For me its 1.50 / 1.75 a foot 2nd story. Have not done anything over that, but if i was going to do a 3rd story i would rent a tow behind bucket lift and charge price of it into cost of the cleaning


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        Do you have a height beyond which you would not be comfortable to perform gutter cleaning?

        30 ft is pretty high to be cleaning gutters with a ladder. To do that manually would take quite a bit of time.

        Like Edward said, have you checked the rental rates for some kind of lift to use?
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          IF you dont own a bucket lift, then I would stay away from anything of 15 feet. The going up and down a ladder all day will KILL you. Check Sunbelt rental or similar, for a tow behind bucket lift then add your rate for labe to bid. (example a bucket lift 150 a day, 100 feet of gutter second floor 150 equals 300 for the job) You might think gee that high, but think of the customer, he cannot or will not do this.


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            Those are some good points you made and could be highlighted in a gutter cleaning marketing campaign.

            Point out how difficult certain gutters can be for a home owner to clear and then show how you utilize such equipment as a bucket lift to keep everyone on the job site safe. A job performed safely is a very important selling point for a home owner.
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              i start at ( $75.00 ) and then go up depending on how much they want done

              like washing the inside of the gutters, to mold removal

              but for just a gutter cleaning i charge ( $75 for a one storie


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                I bid $2-$3.50 a ft including downspouts. I land 90% of jobs.

                Gutter Cleaning is something the average homeowner cant or wont do. There's no reason not to profit off this. There's risk involved too. One slip and you could be out of work for weeks. We use 2 guys for safety and alternate turns.