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  • apartment complex proposal

    Hello , my name is erick , i need some info regarding a rough price on mowing and apartment complex , its 5.5 ac including buildings parking space and sidewals, its a common place , need price to be cut every 10 days in summer and 2 times a month in winter, this includes prunning bushes ( not a whole lot of them ) , i would apriciate this and well i know i need more info about it but if you have a rough stimated on price i would appriciate it , thanks

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    Hi Erick,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Do you have an overhead image of the area?

    Why are they going with every 10 days vs weekly?

    Have you figured out the sq ft of lawn to be cut? What size mower you would be using?

    Also, how many linear feet of trimming you need to do both line trimming and hedge trimming?

    The more you can break down what services you need to perform, the easier job you will have developing a price.
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