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I Have A Question That Needs To Be Answered Asap

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  • I Have A Question That Needs To Be Answered Asap

    I have a bid due tomorrow on 20 houses through a HOA and Im all finished up, except they wanted to know how much I would charge for snow removal from 2-4" 4-8" 8-12" and 12+ They want it done by snow blower, they are half million dollar homes, all old rich people and dont want me out there any earlier than 8am DREAM COME TRUE!!! I have it set for 2-4" $200 4-8" $400 8-12" $600 and 12+ $900 PER DAY and they told me specifically for me not to say "unlimited snow removal" their bad on that one. Ok, and They said I may have to come out twice in one day. So I said from the "inch zones" above it would be half the price for all inches, all the way to 12+ then it is $900 again within an 8 hour period. It will take about 3-5 hrs to do all these homes on certain times of "inch of snow" removals. How am I suppose to bid this crap by the day of snow removal??? They are building 29 more Villa's but that's a whole different story. Help me Please now Thank you

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    not really sure what your question is ,but if your asking if the rate is inline with ours I would have to say not even close ,but with no pictures or size info none of us can say for sure .I would say that ebven if each of the 20 properties had really small areas to clean,you would be looking at a bore minimum of $20.00 per unit .You have to remember,winter work is generally far harder on equipment ,and most snowblowers are definately going to give you issues working for 3-5 hours a day because they are generally not designed for that .
    If thats not your question,I am sorry but I cant figure out what your trying to ask us .


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      How do you feel the different amount of snow fall would effect the amount of time spent per job?

      What would you want your hourly billing rate to be per hour?

      I have it set for 2-4" $200 4-8" $400 8-12" $600 and 12+ $900 PER DAY
      The problem with doing it like this is, you will have a base cost just to show up that is not going to change. So regardless of the snowfall, you will still need $X amount of dollars just to show up.

      Then you gotta figure how much time that extra snow fall will slow you down.

      With that in mind, I would tend to say, the price on the lighter snow should be more, because of your flat fee to show up, and then have it taper off as the snow gets deeper.
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