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  • Aeration.

    Okay, I bought an aerator the other day. I've already used it enough to pay for it three or four times over. So that's not an issue. For lawns up to 15,000 sq. feet I charge $25.00. Not sure if that a HUGE lowball or what, Not sure how to charge on it, but $25.00 seems to be the magic number for people. What I need help with is what to say to sell my service to them. How can I explain how it helps, without being too detailed, but not too short about it?

    Also, $25.00? Good? too high? too low?

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    My price on aeration for 15000 sq. ft. is $95.

    If you google "benefits of aeration" you'll come up with a bunch of printable sheets like this one: Pick one that you like.
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      15k of turf would be $105 -$150 easily. (core aerator)
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        Holy crap. CHA-CHING! Note to self: Look for used aerator!

        I used one (rental) several years ago on my own lawn. It was a lot of work fighting that heavy machine and the damned soil pugs made such a mess. They say they will "break down", but jeeze, in the mean time, it's a muddy, dirty mess that the dog tracks in the house. I ended up raking them up and putting them out with the trash.

        Is it customary to leave them on the ground? If I were a client and saw that on my lawn, I'd be pissed.


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          I have other companies here (True Green to name one) that leave them on the lawn and a few days after. and I get phone calls: "I had XXXX aerate my lawn and there's pieces of dirt all over my lawn and my dog tracks it in, how much do you charge to rake it up?" So I say $20 or so, then I just go over in my spare time and rake it, they normally give me a $5 tip. So I come out smelling like a rose in that situation.


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