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having a big problem!!!!!

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  • having a big problem!!!!!

    Don't know how to pay employees,don't know how to keep them (customer)seem to lose 5-10 a year. but eventually get new one as the season goes by.How do i build a company like this loosing customers. how much to charge.(customer per season.).And last but not least how to get customers in my neighborhood instead of all over i live in quebec city
    one guy is charging for 0-4500ft ********395.00
    4600ft and more doesn't tell price .
    is this to much
    leaves 95.00
    airagation 55.00
    spring clean up 95.00
    really need help....
    thank's a lot jeff
    your friend up north.

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    First off, do you get any feedback as to why the customers leave? What kind of reasons have you been hearing?
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      I'm not really sure what those numbers and prices are you are spouting off?

      Are you trying to say that one of your competitors charges people $395 per season for maintenance?

      Also, if you don't know how to pay employees, you should probably talk to an accountant for that. Or someone qualified in that side of business.

      Most of my customer cancel service in the winter. I explain to them that they do loose a lot of service in the winter (liming, winter fertilizer, insecticide for grub control, etc). They still end up cancelling, but come the following spring, they come back to me.

      I have a handful of customer who want me to maintain a paycheck in the winter, and continue paying me. These are awesome people, and as such I treat them well with little extra stuff here and there that I don't charge them for. Like when a dog digs a whole, I just bring in some dirt, fill it in, and get some seed on it. I should charge, but I don't.

      This year I will also be offering aerating, which will help defer the loss of customers with some extra cash come winter. I'm a good saver of money though, and manage to get by in the winter mostly with savings. So with some extra services I will hopefully be better off this winter then last.


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        hi 395 for the wole seasons way TO CHEAP snow plowing and lawn maybe 2000 on the size allso


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